One Man and His Bog

A Pennine Wayfarer's Diary

Black Hill Here it is, my Pennine Way diary. This is as I wrote it: I haven't tidied it up or amended it, apart from a few really incomprehensible bits. (Be fair - most of it was written in the pub!) Each day links to the next so you can start at the beginning and work through it; alternatively just dip in to see what I've said about you. :-)

Each page also links to the pictures I took that day and you can navigate through those galleries separately or access them from each diary page. Enjoy!

I wrote this diary to capture my memories. But if you are thinking of tackling the PW, I hope it gives you an insight into the ups and downs of Pennine Wayfaring, both physical and mental, and inspires you to get out there and get your boots dirty.

Head for the hills!

Week One

The Night Before

Day 1: Edale to Crowden in Longdendale

Day 2: Crowden in Longdendale to Standedge

Day 3: Standedge to Blackshawhead

Day 4: Blackshawhead to Ponden Hall

Day 5: Ponden Hall to Gargrave

Day 6: Gargrave to Horton in Ribblesdale

Day 7: Horton in Ribblesdale to Hawes

Day 8: A rest day

Week Two

Day 9: Hawes to Keld

Day 10: Keld to Baldersdale

Day 11: Baldersdale to Langdon Beck

Day 12: Langdon Beck to Dufton in Westmoreland

Day 13: Dufton in Westmoreland to Alston

Day 14: Alston to Greenhead

Day 15: A rest day

Week Three

Day 16: Greenhead to Once Brewed

Day 17: Once Brewed to Bellingham

Day 18: Bellingham to Byrness

Day 19: Byrness to Uswayford

Day 20: Uswayford to Kirk Yetholm

For those whose anoraks are not made of GoreTex, some really dull statistics can be found by clicking here. To get to my Pennine Way FAQ, click here.