The Pink Floyd

The Floyd In early 1977 I went to Germany for a fortnight as part of a school exchange programme. Unfortunately my hosts's mother was taken ill and I had to stay with another family that I didn't know, but they were friendly and welcoming and it was fun. "Do you like music?" they asked, "Yes" I replied, although at that stage my tastes were just forming. "There are some tapes here. Just play them as you wish". When they left I pressed play and was blown away by what I heard. I played that tape constantly throughout my stay and eventually discovered it was called The Dark Side of the Moon by a band called Pink Floyd. I was even more impressed by the iconic cover art. Much to my mother's disgust, I brought the album home as my only souvenir of Germany. Thus began a lifelong obsession, which has been, er, expensive. The Madcap Himself

This page has just a small collection of the vast pile of PF related stuff I have acquired over the years. It has to go somewhere.

Pink Floyd @ Live 8 - the biggest event of 2005 for me (don't tell Tara) and I moved heaven and earth and an unwise amount of money to be there.

Pink Floyd - The Wall live pix - I missed the 1980 shows, Syd didn't. I was there in 1981 though.

Random Pink Floyd Images - some random PF images you may find interesting. Or not.

A Healthy Hobby - trading ROIOs (Records of Indeterminate Origin)

Download Hobby Demos - making my own ROIOs...