Kit Monster As you can see, I prefer being on the other side of the camera!

On these pages I post pictures that I want to share. Sure it would probably be easier to use one of the online file-sharing services but I like to do it this way.

Here are my current galleries. I will keep adding to this as time permits.

Isla Isla Scarlett Saltiel - born at 9.31am on Tuesday 15th September 2009.

Skye 2012 Skye 2012 - in June 2012 I headed North to attempt the fearsome Inaccessible Pinnacle.

4000s The Scottish 4000s expedition - in July 2007 Ian and I headed North to attempt all eight 4000' mountains in Scotland in a weekend.

Wedding Andy & Tara's wedding pictures - on 28 December 2005 Tara and I tied the knot at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester.

Cringe Some old pics of old friends - some pics from the mists of time.