The sad obsessions in my life

I have a wide variety of interests, including, music, the great outdoors, theatre and cinema, sport (especially cricket).


DSOTM I love most types of music including rock, dance, indie and classical. My faourite bands include The Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, New Model Army, early/mid period Genesis, Billy Bragg and The Rolling Stones but my absolute fave band for over 20 years is Pink Floyd. In addition to owning all the albums on vinyl and CD, I have an extensive collection of books, bootlegs, posters, pix, calendars and fanzines. My prize PF possession is a porcelain pig, hand-decorated with the crossed hammers motif by my mate Syd. There are many excellent PF sites on the web, so I'm not going to bother recommending them - go hunting, it's fun. All my PF stuff on this site has now been collected together and can be found here. You will find picture galleries, ROIOs and other nonsense.

The Ovations As well as listening, I also play the guitar and for the last few years have been rythmn guitarist and vocalist for nearly legendary beat combo The Ovations, now sadly defunct. Naturally, as a fan of Pink Floyd, I own a Fender Stratocaster - a US Standard mind, none of your Japanese or Mexican versions for me. Sometimes it even makes it out of the flight case and gets played. Without doubt, the Strat is the finest guitar ever made, narrowly surpassing the legendary Philson Stratoblaster, an instrument which is owned and played by more guitarists than any other, including me. I am also lucky enough to own a Fender Telecaster and a Takamine acoustic. Of course, the finest acoustics made are Martins, but if I could afford one of those, I wouldn't be sitting here doing this...

The Great Outdoors

The Ben My personal antidote to the madness of city-dwelling is to escape to the hills. Being a Yorkshire lad, I am very fond of the Yorkshire Dales but my favourite area is the highlands of Scotland. They cannot be bettered for sheer grandeur and majesty, at least in this country.

In July '97 I fulfilled a long-standing ambition to walk the Pennine Way. The PW was Britains first long distance footpath. Opened in 1965, it runs from Edale in the Peak District (Derbyshire) to Kirk Yetholm, just over the Scottish border. For more Pennine Way information than you ever needed, check out my Pennine Way diary.

NEW: A We(s)t Highland Way diary!

While we`re on the subject of walking, a day in the hills would be a treacherous thing without the necessary kit. But a chap can become obsessed with kit. To see just how bad things can be, check out Are You A Kit Monster?